Intel Pentium 4 Deforested Rainforest in Bolivia

CPU Collection : I have about 100 CPUs and MCUs in my collection, and a bunch of other type chips. I have most common ones and some very rare ones. All chips have photos and i am tring to get die photo's for them as well

My Photography & Art : A Collection of my art over the years. Icludes my oil painting, sculptures, photography, as well as some of my installations

Iceland Trip : My adventure in Iceland, backpacking across 2/3 of the country in the Summer of 2003.

My Projects My free and open source software (FOSS) : A colection of open source programs and scripts, as well as circuits I have designed that are open to the public.

Circuits, and libraries : A colection of open circuits i have designed or am designing. This also contains some libraries for schematics and footprints. A MPPT Comparison

My Thoughts and Hobbies : This group of websites include my Blog, CPU Collection, and my Wikipedia Contibutions

The Golden Record sent on Voyager The first
photo of DNA by Rosalind Franklin
miserable failure