My Open Source Stuff

Here is a colection of my scripts, programs, and ideas. All are free and open, unless otherwise specified. Feel free to take and use in accordance with the the Creative Commons and GPL licenses. i.e. use it as you wish, dont profit off it, and just give me credit if you do anything significant with it. So enjoy, and if you have any WELL THOUGHT OUT questions, feel free to ask.

Scripts/Programs v0.4 This is script operates similar to teh sleep fuction on ur teli. i.e. "sleep x;halt -p" However it has a text display that show home much time is left so u can see from your bed, and it causes 5 system beeps a minute befor shuting downand pops up an xterm with a warning message. In case you are still awake and dont want to shut down. Also included is the option of politely kill programs so downloads dont get screwed. Perl Script that calls xterm. v0.2 This script will grap pictures from a digital camera with some pluses. It mounts the camera, and if sucessful, a dir will be created in this form ./$year/$month-$day-$hour-$min/. It will copy the files and remove them. If the mount fails it exits. This script will need some configuration. Perl Script. v0.1 This script will randomly choose a signature file from a list of signature files and copy it over the file you assigned in your email client to be your signature file. Perl Script. v0.1 This script is a standalone dyndns client with basic features for people who's router takes claim on ur IP and you coumputer has a "fake" one. ie will grab you IP from or can be modified to grab you ip directly off you router. Perl Script. v0.1 This script grabs $x number of bytes for the serial/comm port on a Win32 machine and saves to a file, which can be ploted with gnuplot if desired. perl script.

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