How to add Codemirror to CKEditor in GetSimple CMS

I had problems getting Codemirror to work properly in GetSimple.  So this is a bit of a work around to Codemirror to work with CKEditor while using GetSimple CMS.  This may not work with all versions of each, so here are the ones I've used


  • GetSimple CMS version 3.3.15
  • CKEditor version 4.5.9
  • Codemirror version 1.17.8

Basicly the problem was GetSimple includes some libraries of Codemirror that conflict with the "CKEditor plugin Codemirror"


So here are the steps

  • Using a clean install of GetSimple CMS version 3.3.15
  • move "admin/template/js/codemirror" to "admin/template/js/codemirror.old"
  • create the following empty files as placeholders, (it avoids some warnings)
    • admin/template/js/codemirror/lib/codemirror-compressed.js
    • admin/template/js/codemirror/theme/default.css
  • Download
  • Unzip it in "admin/template/js/ckeditor/plugins/"
  • Edit "admin/template/js/ckeditor/config.js"
    • Find line that includes "var extraPlugins = new Array();"
    • add the following line after "var extraPlugins = new Array();"
    • "extraPlugins.push('codemirror');"
  • Make sure you do a full reload of the page (Ctrl-Shift-R) or delete cached files for the site

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