Backpacking Iceland 2003


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Kirkjubæfjarklaustur was the first town we hit and out third food pickup. KirkjubNfjarklaustur is a small town of less that 500 people, but to us it just looked like a cluster of 20 or so buildings. To get there we have to cross though many farms

We were planing to cross the river Skafta to get to Kirkjubæfjarklaustur, but wen we got there we ran into a little bit of difficulty. We fist hit it at a section that was not a good place to cross. I steeped out 5 ft and decided it was too strong. John tried another section that was a little calmer and got out 3 ft before getiing waist deep. So we walked up steam about a mile and found this section. Its was about 40 ft across and the current was stong, but we felt it was our best bet. I got 3/4 of the way across when the water level went above my hip belt and way extreamly strong. My pack was working like a sail and i was only getting deeper. I had to turn back. By the time I reached the shore I was laughing/crying histiricly in fear.

This is rougher section of Skafta. We saw one section that pushed all the water into 15 ft across. The rapid we shooting up 6 to 8 ft.

We decided to try to cross the section in the fist picture in the morining wen the water was lower. We woke up at 6am and looked at the water level and it had only droped 2-3 in There was no way we could cross it so we hiked on.

As we go closer to KirkjubNfjarklaustur. We had to cross though a lot of farms. This picture shows a feild for sheep and horse graising.

These are icelandic horses. The came right up to us.

I thought this one was going to eat me. This is not zoomed in.

Grass roofs are fairly commmon in iceland although mostly used for keeping sheep warm in the winter. This one is a historical house, for people, in KirkjubNfjarklaustur.

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