My Open Source Stuff

Here is a colection of my circuits, ideas, and files I find useful. All are free and open, unless otherwise specified. Some I have aquired from others, so I dont own the copyrights, and the circuits that i design at my research lab are copyrights of the University of Colorado, at Boulder. So feel free to take and use the 'free' one's in accordance with the the Creative Commons and GPL licenses. i.e. use it as you wish and just give me credit if you do anything significant with it. So enjoy, and if you have any WELL THOUGHT OUT questions, feel free to ask.


USB External Conponent Shutoff Circuit v0.1 This very simple circuit that will turn off anything when you shutdown your computer. It works by used the power of the usb port to turn on a relay. when you computer is off the usb port has no power and the relay open circuits the devices that are pluged in.
Ultra-Low Power Humidity Sensor v0.3 The Ultra-Low Power Humidity Sensor operates at extremly low power relative to all other sensors avalible in the market. This is acomplished by using a linear integration techneque instead of the traditional frequency responce techneque. The output can be parellel, I2C, or any serial format you wish. Test done using an external oscilator and parrellel output show a standby current of 42uA and an actice current of 61uA at Vcc equal to 2.5 volts. There is no need for the sensor to be left in standby mode because it can easly be powered down by some external control.
Ultra-Low Power Microvolt Recorder In the Process of being designed. Will be added to as progress is made.This is copyright of the University of Colorado
Switching Step-Up Solar Battery Charger (Under Construction) High effeciency, fast, solar powered battery charger.

Useful Files and Libraries

Austria Micro System 0.35um Process, AMS c35b4

AMS Proccess Parameters: This file contains measurements I took of MOSFETs. These contain graphs of K and Vt vs. device size for both NMOS and PMOS for various currents. This file is 'free.'

Many AMS Proccess Parameter Estimations: This file contains nearly all process parameters you could need. I found it on internet, so its not mine and owned by John Wernehag

Traxmaker Pro 3.0 SMT, SMD Pad Library

These are surface mount pads that I have created over the years. They contain almost all the basics. Here is a short list for the search engins. 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, SOIC, TSOP, SOP, SO, SSOP, uSOP, uMAX, SOT, TQ/HQ, VQ... This library is 'free.'

i Gerber Layers and File Extentions
This is just a list of gerber file extentions and respective layers. It is 'free.'
Freehand Electronic Symbols Library
This is a library of electronic symbols, Op-Amps, transistors, transformers, etc. To use them just 'import' the symbol that you need. This was mostly created by Prof. Ericson, one of my teachers, so I cant define the copyright status